Netaudio research: Perspectives in Digital Music

As part of our Netaudio festival project and in partnership with Sound and Music we present a collection of 12 interviews with leading practitioners operating in the field of new music, digital media and sonic art.


Cenatus panel at FutureEverything, 13 May 2010

How are audiences using the Internet for the creation and consumption of music? Cenatus hosts a panel at Future Everything in Manchester, to present the latest research by Sound and Music and Netaudio London into current user behaviour and a forecast on what is to come next in the field of music facilitated by digital media.


Netaudio website

The Netaudio London online platform is a website cluster resembled by a multi annual news-blog and the archived and current festival websites.


Netaudio London

Netaudio, the UK’s foremost festival dedicated to the musical sounds of the Internet took over the spacious Roundhouse Studios, Cafe OTO and KOKO in May 2011.


Club Transmediale: Netlabel-Meeting Pt. II – Netaudio

CTM.09 showcased Netlabel-Meeting Pt.2: Netaudio Berlin and Netaudio London presented an evening of networked music: a programme inspired by netlabels, Creative Commons, digital production tools, …


Netaudio'06 London

2006 saw the first issue of London’s Netaudio festival. Over 3 days in September Netaudio’06 featured over 50 performers, commissioned a live audio-installation as well as various workshops and network discussions.



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Somepoe - Trembles (Everytime U Smile) (Karnak Remix) - Sounds of Sumo
Runaway (ft Savannah Low) - MSCLS
Junktion - Visions Of You - Razor-N-Tape
Junktion - Fling Cleaning - Razor-N-Tape
Junktion - I'm Wishin' - Razor-N-Tape
Junktion - Hot & Bothered - Razor-N-Tape
Mysteries Of The Deep XXXVII - CLAY WILSON | AN ODE TO THE SWAMP - mysteries of the deep
Muta - Tongues (Sculpture Remix) - Sculpture
Muta - Tongues (Sculpture Remix) - Sculpture

..recent tracks from Matt

Street Halo - Burial
Glitch - Brian Eno
The Dissolve (feat. Brian Greene) - Boxcutter
dancing queen - Borngräber & Strüver
Minnesota, WI - Bon Iver
Silo Pass - Bok Bok
What You Do With What You Have - Blawan
Shika-1 - Biosphere
Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) - Battles
Rendezvous - Arkist

..recent tracks from Andi


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