Freelance Creative Technologist

Matt Spendlove

What would you like to hear? (insert current industry meme here). I make things, using technology. I have done since 2000.

Pragmatic, adaptive, self-organising creative technologist with an eye for elegant, simple solutions?

Value focussed?

Generalising specialist?

Interested in process and interaction?

Worked across industries and on research projects: web, art, music, finance, advertising? From start small ups to FTSE100 giants

C via Java & Ruby to Functional Programming, mostly Elixir/Phoenix these days and the usual HTML/CSS & Javascript niceties. Infrastructure is Git and cloud services like Heroku & Amazon, but I’ve had plenty of Linux/OSX experience before they existed?

I run a bunch of creative projects, including being a director of Cenatus and previously the Netaudio Festival. You probably don’t need to hear about that but might make me more fun to work with. Who knows?

That I sound far less arrogant in person?

I can be found on Github, Linkedin, Twitter and Sometimes. Here’s a very old CV for the more traditional amongst you.

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published on 01 Jun 2012